about us

AcoreEnergy Ltd is an Engineering Consultancy & Services company formed in early 2012 as delivery platform for Dr.Chris French, and is built on over 35 years of Engineering, Commercial and Academic experience in Energy Systems, Electrical Power, Marine Engineering, Safety Critical Control and Electric Vehicle Systems, with a core focus on Power Modelling, Control & Software Development

Our Services

We provide practical innovative and cost-effective solutions to our clients across Systems Analysis and Modelling, Real-Time Embedded Controller Product Development, Safety Critical Software Development and Technical Advisory services for integrated application development and deployment across a number of embedded, desktop, server, web and mobile platforms.

Skills & Capabilities

Delivery to our clients is based upon focussed practical, experienced, cost effective engineering and quality led solutions. Core skills include Electrical & Electronic Systems Development, Controller and Full Systems Modelling, Motor & Power Control, Embedded Real-Time Control and Cross-Platform Application Development.  All our controller work is carried out using a mixture of direct C/C++, Model based (Simulink) and direct Assembler.  We also use C/C++, Javscript and Unity to extend these capbilities for cross-platform Desktop and Mobile supporting application development.    


A potted history of Dr Chris French and how AcoreEnergy was born.  To find out more about recent projects that AcoreEnergy has undertaken then please look at the Project section of our website.

  • 1981

    An Engineer is Born !

    After a spell of just wanting to have fun, work and not go to University, took up the challenge of working for Schlumberger-Wireline as a Trainee Engineer in Qatar in the Arabian Gulf.  Wrote a series of engineering and business related applications in Pascal and Assembler...oh yes and a couple of games !

  • 1986

       Automation Engineer

    After graduating, worked for Rockwell Industrial Automation, while going on to obtain MSc in Power Electronics. Then went on to work in Germany for Siemens AG in Erlangen, becoming a European product specialist for the then emerging large power Siemens Vector Control Drive technology. When IGBTs where new and shiny !

  • 1991

    Senior Researcher

    Worked in the Power Electronics Machines and Drives (PEMD) group at Newcastle University.  Worked on consecutive pre- and post-doc contracts, all of which were commercially focussed. Specialised in estimator and observer based real-time control systems to optimise machine performance as well as sensor reduction / elimination.  Obtained my Ph.D. in 1995.

  • 2000 - 2005

    Senior Lecturer - MAST

    School of Marine Science and Technology (MAST), Newcastle University. Taught courses in all aspects of electrical power and control systems within the marine transport environment. Specialised specifically in propulsion, power generation, distribution and control systems.

  • 2001

    NaREC was Born !

    Proud to be a Co-author and one of the instigators of original business plan and was the founding NaREC Centre Director.  Proud to see this now as the National Energy Research Centre. When first launched NaREC had attracted £20m of private and public funding and had the Energy Minster launch us in 2001.

  • 2002

    Corporate Engineer x2 !

    After a time serving as both a Marine and Electrical Engineer, was awarded with two Corporate memberships in the same year ! Full member and CEng of IET, Fellow and CMarEng through IMarEST. Oh yes and also received the Stanley-Grey Award for best Marine Electrical paper for 2002 !

  • 2005 to 2009

    Senior Lecturer - PEMD

    Worked in the Power Electronics Machines and Drives (PEMD) group at Newcastle University.  
    Specialised in Marine Propulsion and machine optimisation. Primary technology research across electric machines, power electronics and real time mission critical control systems for transport and energy systems.

  • 2006

    University Spin-out

    Singaporean Newcastle University Spinout company was established to create dynamic commercial system engineering
    design and consultancy services organisation with a strong focus on energy
    technologies across Marine and Land based Energy and Water based projects across South East Asia.

  • 2010

    Technical Director

    Power Electronics Technical Director for Turbopowersystems.   Responsibility for all engineering design aspects of Power Conversion and Control products; this included R&D, initial commercial concept design, production readiness, monitoring through production and in field service.  

  • 2012

    AcoreEnergy Was Born !

    We were born following a down turn in the UK Feed in Tariff.  Primarily given the opportunity to work with investors and clients to develop and deliver Energy Technology & e-Mobilty Products.  That was just the begining, have had many challenges and adventures in the process, explore this website to find out more about our capabilities, services and past projects.

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AcoreEnergy offers standalone or integrated engineering support services in the following key areas. Depending on your requirements we can offer a fixed price, daily or hourly rate solution, which enables us to support you on part or full time perspectives. We can also offer any of the following services in isolation or together with any other service. Anything not listed that you think we might be able to support on then please get in touch. Be assured we always operate on the key principles of Best Price, Quality and Delivery.

System Modelling

Structured mathematical multi-domain  modelling, ensuring accurate plant and solution simulations of whole system and sub-systems.  Requirements capture enabling development of robust and validated simulations. Specialist in Electrical and Electronic systems modelling.

Control Systems

Real-time modelling and control system development for low and high value safety critical applications.  Specialist and extensive control experience of electric machines and power electronic control technology realisation.  Solution development through SIL/HIL modelling validation.

Embedded Software

Real-time software solutions for control, automation, communications, condition monitoring and support application development for mission critical and auxilary systems.  Delivery of bare Metal and RTOS solutions using native and auto-coding based solutions.

Electric Machines

Electric machine control and design optimisation, particularly for energy dense high and low speed fault tolerant PM machines.  Sensing systems and machine performance optimisation for motoring, generating and traction applications for normal and extended operational envelopes.

Power Systems

Power engineering application across integrated systems and product development. Extensive experience extends across power electronics, BMS & power grid systems for fixed and mobile platforms. Significant experience of mixed power electronic and electro-magnetic systems.

Systems Engineering

Requirements capture, systems design, testing and validation through classic V-Systems approach. Retro and green field application engineering support for compliance of fixed and mobile platforms for safety critical applications, and integration and interfacing of power systems.

Desktop Applications

Cross platform applications for Windows, OSX and Linux desktops.  Specialisms in data acquisition, communications, data visualisation and control.  Bespoke toolchains to embed real time simulations and embedded control modelling into desktop applications.

Mobile Applications

Interactive cross-platform solutions for iOS, tvOS and Android based mobiles.  Experience of enabling remote systems monitoring and control.  Bespoke toolchains to embed real time simulations and embedded control modelling into delivered mobile apps. 

Data Analysis

Data mining and trend analysis of real-time and historic data across multi sampling and control domains.  Observer & predicitve model based techniques for condition monitoring and systems validation solutions.  Use of such techniques for parameter modelling and validation

recent projects

A selection of projects that AcoreEnergy has completed or been actively involved with over the years.  To find out more details please get in touch.